Declaration of the International Secretariat, January 14, 2021


Terror grips the heights of the United States, faced with a leap into the unknown

The division, old and openly revealed at the time of Trump’s election, does not stop deepening. In 2016, Trump was elected because part of the labor electorate, which had voted Democrat in the deindustrialized states of the “Rust Belt”, voted Trump as a rejection of all the Washington “elites”, as well as against the leadership of the AFL-CIO, which has accompanied offshoring and factory closings. A third of industrial jobs in the United States have been destroyed since 1980!

It is a crisis at all levels. It is the crisis of the American ruling class. The Democratic Party was already divided in the primaries with Sanders' candidacy, and now again today with the challenge by the “left” to Biden's policies, which seek an agreement with the Republicans. Those who voted for Biden did so to get rid of Trump, and, tomorrow, they will be confronted with the measures Biden will take. He has, for example, already indicated that he is not in favor of public healthcare for all.


Declaration by the International Secretariat of the Fourth International


18 Jan 2021